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Fiberglass, Resin and Polyester Film for FRP Panel (fibra de vidrio, resina y mylar para prfv laminas)

  • Release time:2023-06-17
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Supply: fiberglass and resin for frp panel/frp sheet/roof tile

(laminas de fibra de vidrio, lamina traslúcida, laminas transparentes)

1) Roving for FRP Panel

Brand: JUSHI (ER12-2400-872)  &  CTG (ERS240-T984T)

Density: 2400TEX, 3200TEX

2) Polyester Film / Mylar


Roll width: 500mm--3000mm

3) Resin for FRP Panel / Resinas para Prfv laminas

Pre-accelerated: yes

Type: ortho-phthalic