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Fiberglass and Resin for RTM, LRTM (fibra de vidrio and resinas, para RTM)

  • Release time:2023-06-17
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MAtex offers fiberglass and resin for RTM process, to produce: autoparts, camiones de fibra de vidrio, campers fibra de vidrio...

1) Infusion Mat / RTM Mat / Rovicore

M300|PP180|M300, M450|PP180|M450, M450|PP200|M450

M600|PP250|M600, M750|PP250|M750

Roll width: 1.25m / 2.5m

It commonly consists of 3 layers, 2 surface layers with chopped mat, and core layer with PP(Polypropylene, resin flow layer)

2) Chopped Strand Mat (Colchoneta de Fibra de Vidrio)

Binder: powder or emulsion

Density: 300g/m2, 450g/m2, 600g/m2, 900g/m2

Roll width: 900mm-3600mm

3) JUSHI, CTG Gun Roving for Spray Up 

(hilo roving de aspersion)

2400TEX / 3000TEX / 4000TEX

Code: ER13-2400-180,  ERS240-T132BS

4) Resin for RTM (Resina)

Code: DS-105P

Type: ortho-phthalic

Suitable for RTM,L-RTM and vacuum bagging process.